Partnered agencies

Partnered agencies and associations

Consistent with its public service nature, Navigazione Lago d’Iseo promotes initiatives that encourage the use of public transport and applies all the facilities provided by Lombardy region about tickets and subscriptions “Io Viaggio in Famiglia”, “Io Viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia” and “Io Viaggio Ovunque in Provincia”.
Furthermore, Navigazione Lago d’Iseo has signed several agreements with institutions, associations and tourist facilities.


The agreement with Trenord introduces one type of integrated tourist ticket called “Gite in treno”, in particular:

Trenord “Monte Isola” Ticket: Special Train + Monte Isola Ferry round-trip ticket for only 15€

A day with Trenord and NLI in Monte Isola. Discover this wonderful island, once inhabited by fishermen, that still moves visitors with its timeless appeal, among picturesque vineyards, the medieval fortress, Rocca Martinengo, and the famous shrine, Santuario della Madonna di Ceriola.

The special ticket “Monte Isola” includes:
– One round-trip train ticket from any station in Lombardy to Sale Marasino, with the option of getting off and on at the Sulzano and Iseo stations, too
– One NLI ferry ticket from Iseo/Sulzano/Sale Marasino to any location on Monte Isola and return.

This special ticket is on sale until December 31, 2023 and can be purchased at any train ticket office, or directly online at the Trenord e-Store.

Tickets not include landing’s tax for each person, for which a ticket issued by NLI is required. The fee is required in accordance to the Resolution no. 02 of January 18th, 2018 and following integration.

For more info: TRENORD

Partnered agencies and associations

Navigazione Lago d’Iseo has entered into “Accommodations facilities” with some hotels : these agreements provide for a reduction of the ticket price for single passengers or small groups of less than 20 people. This accommodation will be applied just for normal line services.
This facilities will be applied only for owners of the voucher or smart card of these hotels:

Special facilities for passengers

For the satisfaction of their customers Navigazione Lago d’ Iseo offers special discounts for all the passengers that show up the voyage ticket to all these Restaurants, hotels and Wellness center. This facilities will be applied only to these affiliated facilities voucher or smart card owners.


10% discount on lunch and dinner:
5% discount on the à la carte menus (excluding Sundays and holidays) and € 10 set menus when determined by the organization:

Hotel and Resort

OSTELLO DEL PORTO – Lovere: 10% discount for Bed & Breakfast – plus 5% for overnighting
BELVEDERE – Lovere: Double room at €30 per person (overnight and breakfast) / Single room at €40 (overnight and breakfast) / Triple and quadruple room at €25 per person with breakfast. Discount of 10% for Navigazione lago Iseo worker in overnight
L’ORTO DI BALU’ – Bienno: 20% discount for one overnight

Other reception facilities

PARCO TERME – Darfo B.T.: 20% discount for a daily entry at the Thermal Park
ISEO BIKE – Iseo: 5% discount for a daily bike rental
ACCADEMIA TADINI – Lovere: Reduced fare for museum entrance € 5.00

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