Tickets refund

Tickets refund

Without prejudice to the Community and national provisions, scheduled service tickets refund is admitted, without any financial limitation.

Reimbursement is recognized, prior request of the passenger and ticket restitution:

a. for one-way and daily tickets, weekly and monthly passes, wherever not punched or before the date from which is valid, at 90% of the sale price.

b. for 10 trips tickets, at 90% of difference between sale price and price to be paid for one or more tickets corresponding to the number of already used trips.

c. For annual passes, at 100% of difference between the sale price and the price to be paid for one or more monthly passes corresponding to the period of occurred utilization, considering part of a month as a whole month.

The share provided for in letters A and B is augmented to 100% if the passenger decides to use the whole refund on the purchase of other tickets.

Except in cases where the ticket is not subject to validation, purchased and not validated one-way, daily and 10 trips tickets have unlimited validity, except for fare adjustment: the tickets purchased before fare adjustment keep their validity for 60 days after the entry into force of themselves. At the end of the period as prescribed under the previous period this tickets cannot be used, except for passes with unexpired validity.

In case of fare adjustment, the refund of no longer be used tickets is equal to 100% of the rate or of the residual quota in the case of ten-trips tickets and it is ensured for a 3 months period from the date of cessation of validity of the tickets themselves. As an alternative and at the discretion of the passenger, it is possible to purchase a different kind of ticket.

Compensation for travelers

All claims for compensation must be sent by writing to Navigazione Lago Iseo S.r.l. at the following address: via Nazionale 16, 24062 Costa Volpino (BG) or at the email address

They must be detailed, documented and allow the reconstruction of the episode by reporting date, time, service line and description of the corporate default. Requests relating to inefficiencies not deriving from the Company’s responsibility are not accepted.

The compensation could therefore be paid only if there are delays attributable to the Company which cause a serious and proven damage to the customer, in particular in the case of service not performed or interrupted and only if there are no other services on the line concerned or if a replacement service is not provided within 60 minutes (unless service interruptions due to adverse weather conditions or emergencies).

The amount of the compensation will be equal to the value of the ride for users with ordinary tickets, while for subscribers the refund will be equal to half of the purchase price of the season ticket divided by the number of days of duration of the same.

In the case of partially or totally unused multi-journey tickets, the reimbursement of the value of the individual journey will be recognized in the same manner as above. There is no compensation for users in possession of integrated travel tickets and for passengers informed of the delay before purchasing the ticket.

In the event of a complaint, it is necessary to specify personal details and contacts and attach any documentation in order to facilitate the reconstruction of the facts by the Company. Each report will be taken into consideration by the Company, which undertakes to provide adequate response within a maximum of 30 working days from receipt. Reports and incomplete complaints or inappropriate content may not be followed.


For users with a monthly or annual subscription, a bonus is given for the purchase of a new subscription, in the event that the service’s reliability index has not reached a pre-established minimum standard regarding delays and canceled runs.

For each line, the minutes of delay exceeding the 5 minutes accumulated by the individual runs are added to the minutes of the totally suppressed races. The data thus obtained is compared to the total duration of all the journeys of that line, in accordance with the provisions of the Service Contract; if the resulting value exceeds the minimum reliability standard, the NLI subscribers of the line in question are given the Bonus.


For monthly passes: the reduction, equal to 10% of the tariff, is applied to the purchase of the 3rd month subscription after the one for which the minimum reliability level has been exceeded.

For annual passes the reduction is equal to 1/12 of 10% of the subscription price for each month in which the threshold has been exceeded on the route used, up to a maximum annual value of 10% of the subscription price.

The request can be presented starting from the 3rd month following the one for which the bonus was taken (or upon the expiry of the subscription itself) and until the entire 5th month following. NLI will provide the bonus in the form of a refund.

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