Tour of the Northern part of the lake

(suspended due to COVID-19)

Tour of the Northern part of the lake

Alto Lago tour allows to discover, through the line service routes with a audio guide on-board, the north side of Sebino starting from Pisogne, Costa Volpino or Lovere.


SATURDAY: from june 22nd to august 31st 2019

SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: from march 31st to september 29th 2019

From PISOGNE departure 11,05 arrival 12,55

From COSTA VOLPINO departure 11,20 arrival 13,10

From LOVERE departure 11,25 arrival 13,15


Regular ticket: 4€

Reduced 20% – see transport conditions: 3,20€

ATTENTION: For groups of at least 20 people, the booking must be made from the “Group ” section on the “Purchase Ticket”, selecting “Lovere” or “Pisogne” route and the destination route “Monte Isola Carzano”.

Tickets have got a temporary validity; in this time passengers could stopover on the chosen route. The transport rates can be subject to variations established by Autorità di Bacino Lacuale dei laghi Iseo, Endine e Moro.

20% REDUCED TICKET: passengers between the age of 14 and 17; groups of at least 20 passengers older than 14.

50% REDUCED TICKET: passengers between the age of 4 and 13.

FREE TICKET: infants until the age of 3 accompanied by an adult; one free ticket for every 20 paying passengers older than 14.

ELECTRONIC CARD FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS AND PREFERENTIAL FARES: € 5,00 – issued at the ticket offices at Iseo, Sulzano and Management Office.

LUGGAGE: not exceeding the weight of 10 kg and not exceeding the size of 50x30x25cm can be carried free of charge on board. For transportation of bulky goods and big luggages please contact Navigazione Lago d’Iseo.

BICYCLES TRANSPORT: always allowed, according to the availability of seats on board.

PETS: dogs can travel only with leash and muzzle or in a closed suitable travel case (si richiama l’art. 1 – commi 1, 2, 3 e 4 – dell’Ordinanza 13A07313 del 6/8/2013 del Ministero della Salute, pubblicata sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale Serie Generale n. 209 del 6-9-2013). Guide dogs for blind and visually impaired people and police dogs are not subject to any limits. Cats and other small pets must be kept in suitable travel cases.


For informations

Navigazione Lago d'Iseo S.r.l.

Phone: +39 035 971483

Phone: +39 035 971483

Fax: +39 035 972970


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