Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo by boat

Sail on to discover Lake Iseo and enjoy the “Lake from the Lake”.

Lake Iseo – or Sebino according to its old name – is of glacial origin and, despite being the smallest of the Great Lakes of Lombardy, stands out for the beauty of its scenery, nestled among the hills of Franciacorta and the mountains of Valle Camonica. In the middle of the Lake is the largest lake island in Europe, Monte Isola.

Characterized by an imperious nature, for many aspects still intact, from the elegance of its hamlets, which are a harmonious synthesis of historical relics and witnesses of laborious local communities, sailing on the lake is the most exciting way to discover it.

“Navigazione Lago d’Iseo” is the public transport company that provides – with constant timeliness – the line service that connects the beautiful places of the Lake, and also offers a range of structured cruises named “Tour nel Blu” (“Tours in the Blue”).

Sailing with the boats, we will have the option of tailoring the itinerary to our tastes or needs. We can check our route at the nearest tourist information point or IAT.

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