Our history

Our history

The history of navigation on Lake Iseo has distant roots. It starts with the “Società loverese del Battello a Vapore sul lago Sebino”, a steamboat company which began operating in February 1841. Between 1909-1910, four barges used to carry rail cars begin serving Lake Iseo (also called Lake Sebino). In 1929, Diesel engines are installed on the fleet, a farewell to steam. In 1932, the main group of shareholders founds the “Impresa Sebina di Navigazione”. The years of the World War II are difficult. In 1944 the motorship Iseo, still in operation, is strafed at 300 m from the mooring of Siviano, with 37 dead and 70 injured. After the war, the “Impresa Sebina di Navigazione” picks up the pieces and tries to resume business. In 1953, it signs an agreement with the State Railways for a cumulative goods boat-rail network. But the following year, the company stops providing the service. Sebina provides the goods service and Busti from Bergamo provides passenger transportation. In 1975, with the introduction of the regional administrations, the Lombardy Regional Council authorises the formation of “Gestione Governativa Laghi”, a governmental agency for lake management and “Naviseo” is founded. In 1996, the Lombardy Region invests 3 billion lire to buy four new 250-seater boats, strengthening and modernising the fleet. In 1986, the office of Naviseo relocates to Costa Volpino (province of Bergamo). “Navigazione Lago d’Iseo srl” is established in 2003, which from that year begins to manage the public service line, offering other tourist services as well.



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