Passengers need to carry a suitable and viable ticket, to keep it for the whole trip until the disembarkation process and to show it if requested by the supervisors.

The ownership of a ticket which is non-validated or validated during control phase or expired or not sufficient to the effected trip or bearing non be up to reductions or not completely filled out where required, is based on the absence of suitable and viable ticket, save as provided in the next item. In the event that the ticket needs a validation, that must be done before or at the same time of the boarding.

In case of inability, the passenger must warn the cabin crew which shall directly cancel the document.

The ownership of an altered or faked ticket, notwithstanding the penalties provided for in Articles 465 and 466 of the Penal Code, determines the ticket withdraw.

Staring at the value of € 260,00 for the full sanction (equal to 100 times the cost of the ordinary ticket), the values of the sanctions applied to the violations with regard to travel documents will be the following:
– penalty reduced to a third and even more reduced of 30 % if the payment takes place within 5 days from the dispute: € 60,50;
– penalty reduced to a third plus the processing costs if the payment takes place after 5 days, but within 60 days from the dispute: € 101,50 (€ 86,50 + € 15,00);
– full penalty plus the processing costs if the payment takes place after 60 days from the dispute: € 290,00 (€ 260,00 + € 30,00). In case of repeated infringement within 3 years, the sanction is doubled.

In addiction to the penalties, the customer must pay the regular cost of the ticket valid for the rate from where the violation took place and to:
a. the destination declared by the customer;
b. the next stop (starting from where the violation took place) in case the customer wants to go down of the ship;
c. the ship arrival port, where customer declaration is not forthcoming.

The payment of the infringements should be done: 

– At the headquarters of Navigazione Lago d’Iseo S.r.l. – Via Nazionale, 16 – Costa Volpino (BG), from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm; 

– By bank transfer.

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